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You’ve made history.

You, Hillary Rodham Clinton are the first female Presidential Nominee. It’s a huge step. And another feather in the cap for the Democratic Party when it comes to firsts. Barack Obama got the ball rolling as the first black President of the U.S. (who, I’m sure you’ve noticed, in his time in office, has also broken the color barrier of his own hair, which is now distinctly grey).

Hillary, your Party is certainly coming off as the more socially progressive. Will we see the first gay President in the next 15 years?

We’ll wait and see, but one thing that has come across loud and clear is you haven’t been immune to scandal.

Private email server
We know, we know. The Benghazi inquiry turned out to be more circus than substance, and we can appreciate why you looked bored with the questioning. But it did reveal one area worthy of being called a scandal: those emails.

Oh, those emails.

A lot of us have more than one email account. Anyone who has filled out an online form knows the benefit of that one. But as Secretary of State, zinging classified information through your own private servers, is just, well, look…I’m sure you agree, not the smartest.

Look, you probably started innocently enough with one private email, and then it escalated into more classified matters. We understand how things can get out of hand online.

Different way to communicate
For instance, the number of times we can count surfing the Internet with educational and edifying intentions. Really, honestly, we’ve sat down telling ourselves: this time I’m going to get on the Internet and finally read about quantum physics!

But then, before you can say particle waves, we’re browsing quantum amounts of porn.

Anyhow, Hillary, we can tell you put a premium on your privacy. And we want to help. The Hushed burner number app gives you an anonymous phone number, which you can use to make calls from your existing smartphone.

This could mean a few things for you. First, you can take a break from email. We know you like them. We’ve listened to the U.S. State Department explain how much you like them. But we think now might be a good time to try another form of communication. Don’t you?

That whole 20,000 Democratic National Committee email database leak must have given you some form of panic when you heard about it, wondering: “OH NO. WTF, did I write them?”

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Keep it private
Hushed helps you avoid that worry by giving you a temporary phone number allowing you to chat with people instead. But if you’re still not convinced: all typing is not lost. Hushed also gives you a temporary text number, so you can continue on your merry tapping ways.

But here’s the best part, Hillary, Hushed gives you the ability to delete your phone number after you use it. That means you can be tapping or chatting away and not only will the number you’ve used to contact someone keep your identity secret, but you can delete it once you’re done with it. Poof, gone. That phone call never happened.

For someone who values her privacy, we think we’re speaking the same language.

“Bernie or Bust”
Here’s the other thing. Those “Bernie or Bust” people. Frustrating? We’re sure in private company you’ve said much worse.

With Hushed you can take that trash talk to the phone, and then delete your number afterwards. No written record of you teeing off against them, because, well you do want them on your side after all is said and done, right? But we get it, until then…aye yai yai.

Okay Hillary, there’s roughly 100 days left until the election. In that time, we’re sure you want to avoid as many scandals as possible, the least of which is a leaked email of yours filled with expletives at your frustration in trying to unite your Party.

Consider trying out Hushed until Election Day, and swear away to your heart’s content. Sound freeing? We’re here to help, Hillary.


The Hushed Team

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