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Harry Potter is back in the M’F house! Wave your wands again like you just don’t care, and get a second phone number to help make it happen.

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You had settled it down in your memory, and were probably happy the way it had ended. After all, good won the day and “He-who-must-not-be-named” was kept at bay.

But now, out of the mist, when you thought it was all said and done, someone has waved their pen and said: ACCIO (AK – EE – 00), it’s time for another installment!

Ok, if you know what that means, then you know we’re speaking about Harry Potter. And, you’re also probably well aware that an eighth part of his story is now on sale.

If you’ve no idea what we’re talking about, you’re a Muggle, and it needn’t concern you. Or, by all means, let it concern you and jump on board with the rest of the Potter gang. We just think at this point, if the first seven stories haven’t caught your attention then it might be an uphill battle for you to find the magic.

But for all of those onboard the Hogwarts Express for this latest story, we’ve got a proposition for you. We understand the controversy surrounding it; J.K. Rowling didn’t write it. GASP! And more than that, it’s not a book, but a script. WHAT!

This might disappoint some of you who really wanted a nice long book to sit down with this summer.

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Harry Potter meetups
But for many of you, its not going to change a thing, and just like the current madness of Pokemon Go, you may want to meet up with fellow magic fans to celebrate the latest Potter story.

This might mean an impromptu Quidditch match being set up at a local park, or if you’ve got a bent for the theatrical, maybe a costumed reading of this latest story somewhere outside or maybe you wanted to keep it short and simple with a flash mob on a subway or bus?

Look, we’ll leave that part up to you. But here’s where we think we might be able to help.

With interest again in Harry Potter, and the chance of meeting up with more Harry Potter fans, you will need to get in touch with people to organize where you’re meeting, what to wear, and maybe what spells to learn.

Separate your wizarding life
Enter the Hushed burner number app. Instead of using your real phone number, you can get one, two, seven, eight or as many disposable numbers as you want to help keep your Harry Potter life separate from your private life.

These anonymous mobile numbers work exactly how any number works: you can make calls, receive calls, and send texts from them. And you can do it all from your existing smartphone. Here’s the difference: when someone calls or sends a message to your anonymous phone number, it will ring on your smartphone, but you’ll answer it through Hushed.

Maybe you have no problem with your Harry Potter hobby spilling over into the rest of your life. But if you recoil at the thought of your boss, colleague or someone else in your private life receiving a text saying: EXPECTO PATRONUM!, then Hushed might be for you.

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Cut off communication when the magic is over
You’ll have a second number to contact your fellow Potter-ists, keeping your private life hidden from view, ensuring you’re only contacting people on a phone number dedicated exclusively to the wizarding world.

The other bonus is that Hushed numbers are anonymous, meaning your name won’t pop up when you make a call, and the best part is you can delete the number when you’re done using it.

You can keep this second number as long as you’d like to keep the magic going with Potter, but if your meetups have come to an end, having the ability to delete your number gives you peace of mind to move on from that occasional overzealous Potter fan who just seems unwilling to give up his wand.

Try out Hushed today, and see how it might help you stay in the wizarding world a little bit more easily, and exit for the Muggle world whenever you’re ready.

Get into the game with a second phone number for your MLB 2016 fantasy pool.

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We’re in the dog days of summer. That means as the temperature climbs, a huge chunk of your activity is likely directed towards some form of water. Whether it’s chugging it to make sure you can continue to think straight, taking a second shower, or if you’re really lucky, diving into a pool, lake or ocean.

None of the above? A backyard hose, sprinkler or loose fire hydrant could also be the answer.

Despite the rising heat this time of year, one group continues to turn it up: Major League Baseball (MLB). Not only are they now in the second half of their 2016 MLB season, but they’ve recently passed their annual trade deadline where teams were in contact with each other non-stop, trying to find that missing piece that might put their team over the top this year, or set themselves up to make a run of it for the next.

During this time, MLB General Managers (GM) are making phone calls, sending emails, texts and whatever other form of communication they can to get a leg up on that pitcher, outfielder or shortstop they’re convinced will turn the tables in their favour come season’s end.

Trade deadline phone flurry
We think the Hushed burner number app would be ideal for this scenario, as GMs could have the freedom of a second phone number to text another GM about a player while he is simultaneously on the phone with a different GM. (If the movie Moneyball is any indication.)

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However, we’re also aware that the trade deadline has passed, meaning the need for frenetic calling and late nights brokering deals between various teams is not as high a priority for them. But, if you’re a baseball fan, we still think we can help.

Given the season is heading down the stretch and will soon shape the structure of this year’s playoffs, if you are in a baseball pool, you may also want to shift some players around.

Second phone number for fantasy trades
With Hushed, instead of using your real phone number, you can get one, two, seven, eight or as many disposable numbers as you want to help keep your MLB pool separate from your private life.

These anonymous mobile numbers work exactly how any number works: you can make calls, receive calls, and send texts from them. And you can do it all from your existing smartphone. Here’s the difference: when someone calls or sends a message to your anonymous phone number, it will ring on your smartphone, but you’ll answer it through Hushed.

This means that when you say: “Kershaw for R.A. Dickey? Are you F&** kidding. You’re an idiot.” there will be a sure-fire guarantee that it won’t accidentally be sent to your colleague or boss, but to the “idiot” in question.

As you endure the heat outside, Hushed can help you prevent sweating over the possibility that conversations about your baseball pool are spilling into your private life.
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Fantasy baseball psychology
The other bonus is that Hushed numbers are anonymous, meaning your name won’t pop up when you make a call, and the best part is you can delete the number when you’re done using it. This means you can stay anonymous when you’re texting someone an idea of a trade without revealing who you are right away.

Sure, they might be able to figure out your identity if you mention a player on your roster, but keeping your identity secret at the start could still help stir the pot, especially if you’re feeling out if someone is willing to trade a certain player. Mind games are a part of baseball; why not try them out for a baseball pool?

Baseball is a long season. But we’re now nearing the point where the importance of each game matters more and more, and if you’re in a fantasy pool, it’s even more crucial you make trades now to set your team in motion for a solid performance in the playoffs.

Get into the game with Hushed, and see how it might not only help you stay chatting with your MLB fantasy league a little bit more easily, but add an extra layer of excitement to the second half of the season.

Batter up!

Open letter to Donald Trump

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You’ve done it.

The Republican Presidential nomination is you: Donald J. Trump. Aka: The Donald. Drumpf. The Trumpeteer. And let’s also give a nod to the strands sitting atop your lovely cranium that must provide some warmth on cold nights: the Trumpée.

You surprised a lot of us. Every time you spoke at a press conference, we were sure it was a bad strategy. And yet, here you are. You barreled on through countless controversies during your campaign.

Controversies, which, let’s be honest, you also had a part in stoking. You’ve survived four bankruptcies, business and legal scandals plus a list of failed business over the past 40 years. No way you do that by sitting still. You know full well that any news is good news.

Self-promotion 101
As long as your name is on people’s lips there’s hope you can build another business. You proved it with your reality show The Apprentice. You were coming off another bankruptcy but…money, money, money…you turned it into a yuge hit.

We watched. It was entertaining. Frankly we were expecting you might select Omarosa as your Vice-President.

Now you’re in the big show and some polls say you’ve jumped closer to your sworn enemy Hillary in some States. As you declared in your Convention speech, “I AM YOUR VOICE”, and based on the applause a lot of people have agreed to be your vessel.

Wobbly support
What could possibly go wrong? (Okay, we pitched that softball to ourselves.) First, you must have noticed a large number of Senate Republicans stayed home from the Convention. This includes all past Republican Presidents. One Senator even explained his absence: “I have to mow my lawn.” Seems harsh. But who cares, right? They’re old news.

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 3.29.42 PM

Then some Republicans that were meant to speak for you, sort of didn’t. Of course you know whom I mean: Ted Cruz. That guy just doesn’t want to bury the hatchet that easily huh? But then, we know: he’s a loser, right?

Donald, given there’s some backlash against you within your own Party, we thought we might be able to help. The Hushed burner number app gives you an anonymous phone number, which you can use to make calls from your existing smartphone.

Reach people who might not want you to reach them
This means you might have a better chance of getting in touch with people within your Party who might not want to talk with you. Instead of your name popping up on their phone, an anonymous number will appear, maybe giving you a better shot at getting through to a Senator who might normally hang up or ignore your call.

The best part is that you can select as many anonymous numbers as you want. So, if you can’t get through to someone using one number, you can try a second number to do the same thing. Persistence is something we think you know a thing or two about. Are we wrong?

The other bonus is that you can erase your anonymous number at any time to get another number. So let’s say you’ve gotten through to a Senator, but the call didn’t go well: it’s also a disposable number, which means you can erase it and never speak with them again.

Get down to business
We know what you’re probably thinking. Why bother with these losers at all? The fact is things may get rocky in the months ahead, and it might be good to talk with someone who’s been there or if things really go pear shaped to find common ground with a Republican Senator; namely, to explain how the Liberal media had it in for you from the start, and maybe more importantly give you a chance to interest them in a Trump Tower for their State.

Donald, Hushed can give you a way to mask your identity until some of your Party members might feel more comfortable with you. Try out the anonymous numbers today and see how they might help you work towards mending fences within your Party. And coming off that, if all goes well, give you a shot at the big prize…. El Presidente!

Oh, yeah. Spanish is not your favourite, huh? That whole wall thing. Ok – Donald, listen, consider trying out Hushed in the months ahead, we think it might come in handy for you.


The Hushed Team

Get a second phone number for your second identity as a Pokémon Go hunter


We all have hobbies. Some take on knitting, others devote time to sports, reading is another popular pastime, and of course, other people might  prefer to unwind with a video game. Are you a parent? Then it’s probably a nap.

There is no shortage of ways for people to spend their downtime. And recently the list got even longer, with a new hobby that a lot of people are getting excited about. This is not an Internet meme like planking. Oh no, this is a lot more widespread than that. We’re referring to something that just received the most first-week downloads ever from the App Store.

The game everyone has heard about it
You know it, you may already love it or are two to three steps removed from someone whose devoted every spare minute towards it: Pokémon Go!

Yes, it’s here. Over there. And across the street. Pokémon are now literally everywhere (in a digital sense), and you may be one of the thousands around the world on the hunt to get them. Now here’s where we think the Hushed burner number app can help.


Many Pokémon Go players get together with other people to go on a massive search of their city or town, consulting their Pokémon map then pointing their smartphone in the right direction to nab the next monster.

Phone number to get in touch with Pokémon groups
To organize these events you will likely be getting in contact with people via your phone – whether it’s to sort out what street corner to meet on or, if you’re part of a citywide hunt, to get in touch with others to tell them about your progress.

Enter Hushed. Instead of using your real phone number, you can get one, two, seven, eight or as many disposable numbers as you want to help keep your Pokémon Go life separate from your private life.

These anonymous mobile numbers work exactly how any number works: you can make calls, receive calls, and send texts from them. And you can do it all from your existing smartphone. Here’s the difference: when someone calls or sends a message to your anonymous phone number, it will ring on your smartphone, but you’ll answer it through Hushed.

Pokémon Go vs. Private life
Given the popularity of Pokémon Go and the groups you might be joining, you might not want your private life to coincide with your gaming life. Hushed can help separate out these two worlds by giving you a second-number, exclusively for the time when you’re tracking down Pikachu.

This way your real number is kept private.

The bonus is when you’ve bagged a Pokémon you can use an anonymous number through Hushed to text or call your buddies to brag about it, keeping your Pokémon Go life tied to a specific number.

This way you don’t have to use your real number, saving yourself any potential confusion or embarrassment by accidentally texting one of your other contacts: “I just caught a Venusaur outside the Nike Store.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-23 at 2.48.35 PM
Photo: Bulbagarden Archives

Life is busy as is, and if you’re also on the trail of a Pokémon, well, it’s already that much more confusing, especially when you want to get in touch with someone in the real world whose also playing the same fantasy game as you in real-time, and want to avoid calling someone else in the real world who has no idea what you’re talking about.

Hushed can help organize your gaming life separate from your private life, ensuring you can focus all of your skill to capture monsters running around your streets.

Try out Hushed today, and see how it might help you stay in the world of Pokémon Go a little bit more easily. While you’re out there tracking down your prey, just remember one thing: look out for traffic.

Open Letter to Hillary Clinton

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Photo: Associated Press

You’ve made history.

You, Hillary Rodham Clinton are the first female Presidential Nominee. It’s a huge step. And another feather in the cap for the Democratic Party when it comes to firsts. Barack Obama got the ball rolling as the first black President of the U.S. (who, I’m sure you’ve noticed, in his time in office, has also broken the color barrier of his own hair, which is now distinctly grey).

Hillary, your Party is certainly coming off as the more socially progressive. Will we see the first gay President in the next 15 years?

We’ll wait and see, but one thing that has come across loud and clear is you haven’t been immune to scandal.

Private email server
We know, we know. The Benghazi inquiry turned out to be more circus than substance, and we can appreciate why you looked bored with the questioning. But it did reveal one area worthy of being called a scandal: those emails.

Oh, those emails.

A lot of us have more than one email account. Anyone who has filled out an online form knows the benefit of that one. But as Secretary of State, zinging classified information through your own private servers, is just, well, look…I’m sure you agree, not the smartest.

Look, you probably started innocently enough with one private email, and then it escalated into more classified matters. We understand how things can get out of hand online.

Different way to communicate
For instance, the number of times we can count surfing the Internet with educational and edifying intentions. Really, honestly, we’ve sat down telling ourselves: this time I’m going to get on the Internet and finally read about quantum physics!

But then, before you can say particle waves, we’re browsing quantum amounts of porn.

Anyhow, Hillary, we can tell you put a premium on your privacy. And we want to help. The Hushed burner number app gives you an anonymous phone number, which you can use to make calls from your existing smartphone.

This could mean a few things for you. First, you can take a break from email. We know you like them. We’ve listened to the U.S. State Department explain how much you like them. But we think now might be a good time to try another form of communication. Don’t you?

That whole 20,000 Democratic National Committee email database leak must have given you some form of panic when you heard about it, wondering: “OH NO. WTF, did I write them?”

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.16.36 AM
Photo: Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

Keep it private
Hushed helps you avoid that worry by giving you a temporary phone number allowing you to chat with people instead. But if you’re still not convinced: all typing is not lost. Hushed also gives you a temporary text number, so you can continue on your merry tapping ways.

But here’s the best part, Hillary, Hushed gives you the ability to delete your phone number after you use it. That means you can be tapping or chatting away and not only will the number you’ve used to contact someone keep your identity secret, but you can delete it once you’re done with it. Poof, gone. That phone call never happened.

For someone who values her privacy, we think we’re speaking the same language.

“Bernie or Bust”
Here’s the other thing. Those “Bernie or Bust” people. Frustrating? We’re sure in private company you’ve said much worse.

With Hushed you can take that trash talk to the phone, and then delete your number afterwards. No written record of you teeing off against them, because, well you do want them on your side after all is said and done, right? But we get it, until then…aye yai yai.

Okay Hillary, there’s roughly 100 days left until the election. In that time, we’re sure you want to avoid as many scandals as possible, the least of which is a leaked email of yours filled with expletives at your frustration in trying to unite your Party.

Consider trying out Hushed until Election Day, and swear away to your heart’s content. Sound freeing? We’re here to help, Hillary.


The Hushed Team

Traveling to the Rio Olympics? Get a temporary phone number for your trip. And remember the mosquito repellent.

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.42.04 AM

Next to Sochi, no other Olympics in recent memory seems as chaotic as the one that’s about to get underway in Rio. Let’s look at a brief synopsis of what’s happened so far.

The President of Brazil has been suspended from her duties from charges of taking part in illegally playing with state funds, and will not attend the opening of her own country’s Olympics.

A large number of Brazil’s top politicians and business elite have been implicated in a widening corruption scandal with evidence that it also involved construction contracts used to build Olympic venues.

Areas of the Atlantic Ocean designated for some swimming events remain polluted from human sewage, meaning swimmers will be going for gold amid fetid water that could also mean they’ll take home a virus or illness from bacteria lurking on the surface.

Zika virus
And let’s not forget the Zika virus. You can get it through a mosquito bite or it can be passed by men through sexual contact. Although it’s said symptoms themselves aren’t severe, it’s been found that it can be linked to birth defects with children, and has prompted some doctors to urge the World Health Organization to move the Olympics as a precaution.

Add in the Olympic Committee’s partial ban of Russian athletes at the Games for a prior doping scandal, and from a certain perspective, you might say Rio 2016 has already become a historic event.

Nevertheless, after all of that: the show has promised to go on. And, if you’re travelling to Rio to see it first hand, remember to bring mosquito repellent, and also look at other safety advice from the WHO.

We know. Anyone could have told you that. So, what can we offer apart from encouragement? We think we can help make it easier for you to use a phone while you’re there.
Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.56.42 AM
Photo: AFP/Getty

Get a Brazilian phone number in a flash
The Hushed burner number app can give you a Brazilian number so you don’t have to bother with your phone provider back home.

You can activate a temporary number immediately through your smartphone. Given how many people will be traveling to Rio, this means it will save you from tracking down a SIM card to do a swap once you arrive.

The other bonus is that with a temporary, Brazilian number you can protect your privacy by keeping your private number concealed from view.

Your temporary number will work exactly how any number works: you can make calls, receive calls, and send texts from them. And you can do it all from your existing smartphone.

The only difference is when someone calls or sends a message to your temporary phone number, it will ring on your smartphone, but you’ll answer it through Hushed. And once the Olympics are over, you can delete your temporary number.

It’s a straightforward way to make sure you can communicate seamlessly from the time you touchdown in Rio to the time you return home.

Reduce the hassle while you’re in Rio
The Olympics are massive in scope wherever they are held, and being an Olympic spectator might be its own version of an Olympic sport, from organizing tickets to watch certain events while you’re there to figuring out transportation to take you from one event to the next then back to where you’re staying.
Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 9.55.10 AM
Photo: Kristin Smyth

Now consider the further safety precautions around visiting Rio and you might find you have a lot to plan for.

Hushed is one small way you might reduce the demands on your time, helping you focus on things that matter more, like another layer of mosquito repellent and getting good seats at beach volleyball.

Try out Hushed today and see how a temporary number could help make your trip to Rio 2016 a little bit smoother.

Get a business phone number in less time than it takes to finish a cup of coffee

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.07.56 AM
Photo: Kevin Harber

50 years ago, a majority of working people would head to an office every morning. Go to a café back then, and the work you’d likely find people doing might include: organizing their bills, writing a letter, or maybe you’d spot a budding novelist or two scribbling out some ideas.

Today, of course, cafés can easily be mistaken for workplaces (and Apple stores), as people have their computers flipped up, writing work emails, putting the finishing touches on a presentation, or even writing blog posts (wink).

Along with providing tables to do work, cafés are also frequent spots where people conduct business. Whether its real estate agents finalizing an offer with a client, a lawyer going over the specifics of a contract with someone, or even a financial advisor meeting with a client to go over their recent investments.

Private line for business
Work life has become increasingly mobile for a lot of people. For those who provide services to clients, it can occasionally be hard to separate where one’s private life ends and business life begins.

Enter the Hushed business phone line app. Instead of having to rely on a single phone number for your clients to call, you can get multiple phone lines for small business as quickly as it takes a barista to froth the milk in your latte.

Hushed can give you greater peace of mind, by giving you the ability to give one business phone number to a single client or a group of clients, and a different number to another client. Not only can this help you organize and plan with whom you are talking with, but it also keeps your real number private, and exclusive to your personal life.

Easy to set up
The other bonus is that you don’t have to speak with your phone provider. Hushed is easy to set up directly from your existing smartphone. And you can activate telephone numbers for business right away. This allows you greater freedom to run your business by making changes when you want them: wherever you happen to be. Including from a café.

Screen Shot 2016-06-30 at 11.24.35 AM

Get the same area code as your clients
Another way Hushed can come in handy is that it gives you the ability to set up business private lines from pretty much any region where you might have clients.

So, let’s say you have a group of clients that live outside the area code where your real phone number has been set up. Rather than give these clients your real phone number, you can select a business phone number from the same area as them.

Not only can this be a way to help you organize your client groups, but it might provide a more personal, relatable experience for a client who is calling a number from his or her own region.

The only difference is that when a client calls you at the local number you’ve given them, that business phone number will ring on your existing smartphone, and you’ll answer it through Hushed.

In essence, then, Hushed gives you the ability to be in as many regions as you want all at the same time.

With work life getting increasingly busy and farther and farther removed from a single, physical office, having multiple phone lines for small business can give you additional control to run your business on your own terms.

Try out Hushed today to see how it can give you the flexibility you need to manage your business life and enjoy a cup of coffee at the same time.

Make it with a Fake: get a fake phone number and add a layer of privacy to your life

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.57.18 AM
Photo: Alamy

How many times have you given out your real phone number? If you’re like most people, you’ll probably answer: VERY FEW TIMES. This is because, as others would also suggest, you value your privacy and only share your number with friends or people you’ve come to trust.

Fair enough. Now take a second and think about it. Has anyone fixed your washer or dryer? Have you ever hired movers? How about an electrician? Or how about that time a friend of a friend used your phone because their battery ran out and they wanted to text someone?

Getting unknown callers
Over the course of a year, the fact is you might not even keep track of those moments when you passed out your real phone number, mainly because it was in moments that you hadn’t thought about. Most of these times, of course, it’s not a big deal.

But occasionally it can be: whether it’s when you get a text or call from someone out of the blue and you have no clue who they are, or less seriously when a company calls you back trying to sell you more services after a recent service call to your home.

The good news is you can counter these unwanted calls with the Hushed fake phone number app. It gives you access to an unlimited number of fake numbers, which you can hand off to anyone who you would rather not hear from again, whether from them personally, or from a company that someone may represent.

Fake phone numbers keep your real number hidden
The best part is that your real phone number will be unaffected. When you have Hushed on your phone, people will call the fake numbers you give them, and they’ll ring on your smartphone through our app, completely bypassing your real phone number.

This means your real identity stays hidden from view.

So, let’s say you’ve hired movers to come by your house or maybe you’re getting a piece of furniture delivered. To arrange the time and the details, you provide them a fake phone number where you can be reached. When they call, you’ll answer their call or text on your smartphone as if it was your real phone number.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 12.03.07 PM
Photo: Barnes and Noble

Now here’s the difference. Once the movers have left and the job is done, Hushed gives you the ability to delete that number right away, permanently cutting off communication. This means that if that company wanted to get in touch with you again or one of the movers did, they’d have to find another way, because your fake phone number would no longer exist.

Helpful way to screen your calls
Obviously not everyone you encounter turns out to be a nuisance. And, after a while you might decide you’d like keep in touch with someone. In these cases, Hushed can also act as a screening service, in that it allows you to pass out a fake phone number to begin with, which you can use as long as you’d like until you feel comfortable enough to share your real phone number with that person.

Most people live busy lives with very little time to keep track of all the moments they might need to be contacted by phone or text whether it’s for dry cleaning or from someone who’s coming to fix their air conditioning.

Hushed can give you control over these encounters by giving you fake phone numbers that you can delete at any time.

Instead of having to answer follow up calls from a company or person you never asked to call, try out Hushed today, and see how a fake identity can give you more time to spend communicating with people you want.

Get an anonymous phone number to keep your identity safe from unwanted calls

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.29.24 AM

Have you ever wondered why you’re getting calls from random 1-800 telemarketers that you’ve never heard of? Or better yet, a text pops up asking you to click on a sketchy weblink? Obviously you never asked for these companies to contact you. So, how does this happen?

The reality is, every time you include your real phone number on a form, whether it’s at a local fair to win a trip to Hawaii, or on a social media profile, the companies receiving your information may well be farming out this information to other companies that, in turn, want to market products to you.

Call lists you never agreed to
Even if you’ve asked this first company NOT to share your info with other companies, someone who’s uninterested in your consent could still have gathered up your number through sketchy means. Now once your real number is out, consider that it could be placed on more call lists that these companies might sell to other companies that could well go on to sell them to even more companies.

Based on this, you can begin to get a sense of how one small, innocuous form you filled out has now translated into texts from a Romanian area code whose message insists you click a weblink to find out the identity of “someone who likes you”.

Anonymous numbers can sidestep the problem
The Hushed anonymous number app can help you manage these scams and annoyances. It gives you access to anonymous phone numbers, which you can fill out on forms you come across in your daily life with the bonus that you’ll still be contacted on your existing smartphone.

The only difference is that when someone calls your anonymous number you’ll answer through Hushed, rather than through your real phone number.

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 11.28.47 AM
Photo: Shutterstock

This way you keep your real identity secret while still receiving phone calls from people that you’d like to hear from, such as a screaming radio host explaining that you won a trip to Hawaii.

And, at those times when an unknown international number pops up, you’ll enjoy peace of mind knowing that your real phone number is protected.

Anonymous numbers that allow you to erase all contact
But that’s not all. The anonymous numbers you get through Hushed can be deleted at any time. So, let’s say you’re getting an avalanche of texts or calls from a particular telemarketer that’s convinced themselves you’re an easy mark, or you’re just getting a flood of unsolicited calls from a bunch of different telemarketers: not only can you ignore their calls, you can delete the number they’re calling and erase them for good.

This means that even if you were to answer one of their calls on an anonymous number, fueling their efforts to keep calling you back, Hushed gives you an added layer of security by allowing you to pull the plug altogether. With anonymous numbers that you can delete at anytime, you get to stay in control of your communication, regardless of how often a telemarketer wants to call.

Information is abundant in today’s society, and perhaps, because of this, some people also see privacy as an out-dated concept. Yet when it comes to day-to-day use of your phone, there are clear benefits to protecting your identity.

Hushed can give you the security you need to avoid these scams by giving you anonymous phone numbers as a cover against unwanted telemarketers and sketchier groups.

Try out Hushed today, and see how staying anonymous on the phone can help ensure you always get the last word.

Hushed Launches Anonymous Private PIN Messaging Service

OTTAWA, July 14, 2015

Since 2013 Hushed has focused on one thing: building communication apps that give people the most privacy. Hushed took off offering easy, disposable phone numbers and SMS messaging reaching 2,500,000+ downloads for iOS and Android. Now Hushed is taking the next step in private communication with the launch of Hushed Private Messaging.

Hushed Private Messaging was built from the ground up to provide a completely anonymous platform for people to exchange text and picture messages with each other. Users can create multiple anonymous PINs whenever they are needed. Your contact information and contact lists are never uploaded or shared unlike other messaging services.

After installing the Hushed app, users create unique Private Identity Number (PIN) to share with friends or contacts. Hushed PINs are completely private and not linked to names, telephone number, or address: additionally your contact information and contact lists are
never uploaded or shared unlike other messaging services.

PINs are also completely disposable allowing one-time or limited use messaging. Hushed Private Messages are completely free to send and receive. Additionally users can invite people to download Hushed through an anonymous text to initiate PIN-to-PIN conversations with people who do not have the app already installed.

To send a Hushed Private Message simply enter a recipient PIN, create a message, add a photo, and press send. Need total security? Messages self-destruct to prevent recipients from saving or sharing contents and messages are not stored on Hushed servers.

In addition to the new Private Messages, Hushed continues to offer private, disposable phone numbers, voice calling, SMS, MMS, and personal voicemail from a single app.

Hushed is free and available immediately on the App Store for iOS. A new Android version including Hushed Private Messaging will launch in August.


Hushed is a free iOS and Android app that lets users communicate with privacy through disposable private messaging, anonymous phone numbers, voice calling, text (SMS), and MMS to contacts anonymously. Hushed has over 2.5 million downloads and offers free private messaging plus local phone numbers in over 40+ countries with pay-as-you-go plans starting at $1.99 per month with talk time from $0.05/minute.

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